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SSTA has the knowledge, experience and Internationally Accredited skills to consult, train and equip Emergency Services, Business & Industries both here in the UK and Worldwide.

Our Associates have delivered training solutions and equipment worldwide including the UK, Europe, Asia, British Overseas Territories and the UAE.

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Cyber Crime Training

Staff cyber-crime awareness

Risk mitigation & cyber security solutions

Cyber-crime Investigation Training

Communication data Investigation

Digital profiling & Internet investigation

Open-source investigation

Emergency Services Training

Crisis decision making & management training

Accredited Incident Command training & assessment method, Effective Command

Simulation based training for Incident Command & Crisis Decision-making

Task & Resource Analysis

Training program design, development and implementation

Compliance and auditing

Business & Industry Training

Staff development & assessment training

Decision making training & workshops

Activity based leadership & management training

Equipment and Training Software

XVR Virtual Reality Training Software

PROSpike Police Stinger

Customized (semi) permanent road barriers

Bullet Resistant Vest, Protection Level NIJ Level IIIA+

ALPHA-1 High power search light / non-lethal weapon

Tactical Clothing

Police Body Worn Camera

Tactical Rescue Knife


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